Visual Music Animation. music for your eyes.

The #VisualMusicAnimation and #VisualMusic Hashtags are recognized worldwide, as Visual Music Animation. The visual art of music: "see the  music".

Each instrument, rhythm and lyrics of a composition are edited synchronously in an original concept  of music video. Created in HD video format (high definition video) and HQ audio quality (high quality sound). For a better experience with #VisualMusicAnimation production, enjoy headphones with a good range of brightness and bass.


LMFAO "Sorry for Party Rocking" - #VisualMusicAnimation

ELEVEN:ELEVEN "Electric  Sex"-#VisualMusicAnimation

Kiss "I Was Made for Loving You"


PSY - GANGNAM STYLE #VisualMusicAnimation

Sylvester "Do You Wanna Funk" -#VisualMusicAnimation

Visual Music Animation®

Music For Your Eyes


Visual Music Animation Music For Your Eyes is the only visual animation format for music. Is  the visual and synchronized animation of the rhythms, instruments and lyrics of a musical theme. Enjoy with your eyes, watching colors, lines and lyrics  dancing in a harmonious synchronization.